Friday, August 11, 2006

{ DeALs } A hUNTing We gO

Bargains at Walmart of .50cents, originally uploaded by mykismet.

So i found myself in the wee afternoon hours heading to the big arches for some of my little guy's favs.. nuggets and fries..

While sitting at the local donald house I was just haunted to go bargain browsing. Here i am trying to save on funds and thinking about spending already.

I've been thinking that i spend way too much time on the puter - and it's not motivating me at all. So, for a little while I will be posting the occasional interesting tidbit of info for you all to read how wonderful my life is.

I found at the local walmart these finds.. the tv dinner plates were only .50cents a piece. Apparently walmart is having a huge clearance right now.

The other pic is fridays dinner in making.

Fish rolls


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