Thursday, September 28, 2006

Official Flickr badge

Official Flickr badge, originally uploaded by Studio-7.

How can once say that we don't love online creative toys?

I'm browsing through some really interesting Flickr toys and thought I would make a badge. Having said that I have also been browsing some interesting blogs lately and have found that blogs have now become the essay competition. There's a couple of blogs I find that the bloggers just seem to write a novel of some sort. This is what i think blogs should be all about 1. Interesting to ready, not write about the same boring things over and over in every blog, 2. really nice pictures. ..Wow now that I have said what I needed to say, all you bloggers keep it short , sweet and keep us all intrigued to come back to your blog tomorrow. Don't scare us away as we browse many blogs and are limited to how much time we can spend on one blog.

Now go write a blog! a short one that is.


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