Thursday, October 12, 2006


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My fun afternoon with the littlest of person in my house. First we went to Saint Matthews Thrift store Picked up a bunch of fabrics for only 8.5 which when we got home was measured to be over 30yards of truly vintage fabrics and very few that were new pieces. Oh and I must tell you the ladies at Saint Matthews are so sweet.

We then went to lunch as we had gone past the BIG M prior to heading to Saint Matthews when my little guy pops his head up and says "CHICKEN & FRIES MOMMY" so, with a bribe to be very good in the store and mommy will surely buy Mr. Donalds for you when we get finished. I really love the BIG M by our small little town, it's decor are of the 50's and 60's . The restaurant overlooks one of the big lakes here and we just love taking the kids there for a treat. Once lunch was over and I was stuffed like a turkey, we headed out to the Beymer Thrift House, where we found our newly adopted stuffie. Their names are RED for now until we change it. They quitely sit upon my desk as I type and the glimps of them just cheers me up. WOw, we had a busy Thursday which was a change .

Normally we would go fabric hunting on Fridays but, we changed up our routine this week. Ok enough of me blabber in on... much love take care.


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Katrina said...

Wow! you seem to have had a wonderful shopping day. I wished I had some of those fabrics you found. Wonderful bargains.

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Teresa said...

Hey Sher! Long time no speak. I love your new blog and love the fabrics I received. Thanks!


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